A Short Introduction for our Potential Visitors

Dear Friends,

Our home is Schleswig-Holstein, the northern most state in Germany, bordering Denmark in the North, the North Sea in the West, and the Baltic Sea in the East. Most of us live in or around the state capital of Kiel, a city worth visiting, especially for the surrounding landscape. The Baltic Sea stretches right into the heart of the city. The biggest natural phenomenon in Kiel is the Fjord with its beaches. The view of the city from the water, with its port installations, the giant passenger ferries to Oslo in Norway, and Gothenburg in Sweden, the enormous gantry cranes in the shipyard – that is typically Kiel.

Kiel was founded in 1233 on a peninsula in an arm of the Fjord. The city became a naval base as early as 1865. The locks of the Kiel Canal, linking Baltic and North Seas, are the gateway to the most-travelled artificial waterway in the world. Today Kiel´s population is around 240.000. With the annual “Kiel Week”, every June, the city has established itself worldwide as “Sailing Mecca”. It is the biggest summer festival in northern Europe. Some 5000 sportspeople from 50 nations meet regularly on the sailing reaches in front of Kiel-Schilksee, with more than 2000 yachts, skiffs and surfboards. Kiel was the venue for the Olympic sailing competitions in 1936 and 1972, and is now also the home port of the Navy´s famous tall training ship “Gorch Fock”, a real windjammer.

Not only the shipyards and locomotive factories, but also some electronic companies produce innovative equipment, like fuel cells, Tsunami early warning systems, nautical, optical, and laser equipment. However, the open land around Kiel is mainly of rural character. Schleswig-Holstein is where the “Holstein cows” originated, and our sheep often graze along the dikes of the tidal coastlines.

Kiel University, with about 30.000 students, has all traditional faculties, and features oceanographic research. The Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, also known as GEOMAR, operates several research vessels participating in many international programs. Climate change is, of course, one of the big issues.

When you are looking for culture and entertainment, you will find an opera house, a concert hall, a playhouse, cinemas, museums, an art gallery, botanical gardens, large shopping centers, a casino, and also a brothel. After all, we are a harbor city! - People from Scandinavia and the whole Baltic region know and appreciate that.

The members of Friendship Force Kiel are proud to be Ambassadors, to tell our friends worldwide that Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein is a region worth visiting. We extend a warm invitation to our new friends. Come to old Europe and stop by in Kiel for a week. Give us a chance to show you how Germany has changed, what it has to offer, and that the North is quite different from Bavaria in the South. We do not all wear Lederhosen, but we all love beer and wine.

Again, come and see for yourself. You will be among Friendship Force friends, the most cordial, open, and tolerant people I know!

Joachim (J.B.) Bornhoeft
Friendship Force
Kiel  -  Germany

Friendship Force "Clubabend"

Clubabend FF Kiel am letzten Mittwoch im Monat (Ausnahme: Juli & Dezember)

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