Welcome to our Club FF Bavaria Nuremberg-Erlangen

We are located in the vicinity of Nuremberg (Bavaria), one of the most historical and beautiful cities in Germany. It is around 180 km to Munich, the capital of Bavaria and 250 km to the Alp Mountains.

Nuernberg (Nuremberg)

The beautiful medieval city of Nuremberg with its imperial castle, its imposing Gothic churches, lovely Patrician houses, its wine cellars and great assortment of good restaurants is the center of our area.

Although the city was destroyed by 90 % at the end of WW II, the "Friends of the Old City" have been doing a beautiful job reconstructing most of the historic buildings and the flair of the city.

Nuremberg forms a city triangle together with Fuerth and Erlangen. The latter is inhabited mainly by former Huguenots from France, by people working for Siemens and by university students.

The medical and natural science faculties of the University Nuernberg/Erlangen are located in Erlangen, several others in Nuernberg.

The surroundings

Not far away are what we call the "Fraenkische Schweiz", the Franconian Mountains. This is a very picturesque part of northern Bavaria with forests, hiking trails, rivers, small towns and castles. Steep rocks allowing rock climbing if you want to get ready for the Alps, which are located some 250 km away in southern Bavaria. But leisurely walks along rivulets or through charming villages are just as possible.

Bayreuth, famous for the Wagner Festival, which takes place every year in August, is close and so is Bamberg, with its splendid Gothic cathedral and the medieval Old City, a place which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is not quite two hours south by train or by car.

Our Club

Founded in November 2002, we had our first inbound exchange with a group from Costa Rica in 2003, and in April 2004 our first outbound experience in Northumbria, England.

Many members of the FF Bavaria Nuremberg-Erlangen are also members of an English Conversation club at our local community college in Eckental - 20 km northeast of Nuernberg. We usually welcome our visitors at the Nuremberg Airport or at the main railway station (Hauptbahnhof) in Nuremberg.

We now have some 54 members, most of them are between 55 and 72 years old.

Regular meetings

Come and see us at our regular gatherings (Stammtisch) every fourth Thursday of the month.

We meet at 6.30 p.m. at the Gaststätte "Föhrenhof" in Heroldsberg.


We welcomed visitors from abroad

  • Costa Rica in 2003
  • Oregon Oct. 2004,
  • Derbyshire April 2005
  • Hudson Valley-New York State May 2005
  • Greater Hamilton /Burlington/Canada Sep. 2007
  • Adelaide/Australia in September 2008
  • Rijnmond/Netherlands in September 2008
  • Kyoto-Fukuchiyama in July 2009
  • Devon in July 2010
  • Murray Bridge in August/Sept. 2010
  • Netherlands East in May 2011
  • Newcastle/Australia in July 2011
  • Montana/USA in October 2011
  • Belo-Horizonte/Brasil in June 2012
  • Marlborough/New-Zealand in Sept. 2012
  • Greater Harrisburg/Pennsylv.USA in Oct. 2012
  • San Francisco Bay Area/USA in July 2013
  • Bogota, Columbia in May 2014
  • Sydney, Australia in June 2014
  • Karsiyaky Bay, Turkey in May 2015
  • Lincoln, Nebraska/USA in Oct. 2015
  • Limburg, Belgium inApril 2016
  • Bergen, Norway in June 2016
  • Themed Exchange Luther 500 years of reformation in August 2016


Outbound exchanges to:

  • Newcastle in 2004
  • Sun City - Arizona April 2006
  • Derbyshire/England in June 2007
  • Casterton and Newcastle /Australia in November 2008
  • Greater Hamilton/Burlington /Canada and Hudson Valley New York in Sept/Oct. 2009
  • Bali Festival and FF Clubs in Java/Indonesia in April 2010
  • Saratov/Russia in Sept. 2010
  • Rijnmond/Netherlands in April/May 2011
  • Karsiyaka Bay/Turkey in November 2011
  • Kohlhapur/India in November 2011
  • Southland/New Zealand in Febr. 2012
  • Kapiti Coast/New Zealand in Febr. 2012
  • Devon/England April 2013
  • Missoula/Montana and Lower Columbia (Washington-USA) Sept. 2013
  • Limburg, Belgium in May 2014
  • Belo Horizonte, Brasil in Sept. 2014
  • Freiburg, Germany in Oct. 2014
  • West Alajuela, Costa Rica in March 2015
  • San Francisco Bay, Calif. USA in April 2015
  • Norderstedt, Germany in August 2015
  • Cape-Town, South Africa in Oct./Nov. 2016

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